Is Your Career Plan Focused on Personal Aspirations Or Employer’s Needs?

When you think about your next career move, are you thinking about your own career aspirations or your company’s needs? If your only focus is on your company’s needs, you doing yourself a disservice and you might be missing a great opportunity to realize the job of your dreams.

From early on in age we’re asked what we want to be when we grow up. As kids we put a great deal of planning into this idea. Through the years our aspirations may change but it’s important to remember your ideals. The reality is that you can indeed work towards achieving your career goals.

Career planning is an important process that should be addressed through all stages of adulthood and throughout one’s lifetime. Career planning allows us to avoid being sucked into a job that simply pays the bills. Yup, we need to pay those bills, but there are ways to pay them while at the same time having a great career.

A great first step in career planning is to assess your career goals and interests. You can take a couple of free or very affordable career assessments that help you get on the right career path. Also, you can also develop a comprehensive list that matches up your interests with related careers and money-making opportunities.

No matter how old you are it is never too late to make a career change or initiate the process of career planning. If you have never made a career plan, you might be missing out on great opportunities closely aligned with your true calling. Maybe you’ve got creative interests that you have only considered a hobby rather than a legitimate professional goal. It is essential to remember that there are actually creative jobs out there. Remember, the Internet has given rise to a new set of entrepreneurs who are making their dreams come true and committing themselves to their passions.

If you have only ever focused on what your employer wants and needs, you are probably doing yourself a disservice. You wants and needs are important too. If you are interested in a career that meets your career purpose and fulfills your personal passions, asking for help in achieving these goals is always a good idea. A career planning expert can help you see opportunities you never would have dreamed of otherwise.

There are many people out there who are actually fulfilling their goals and working in their dream jobs. You can be one of them. Taking the steps necessary to reach your personal career aspirations is easier than you would have ever dreamed. Building a new career definitely takes time and effort, but the payoff is well worth it.

You’ll love getting up in the morning and going to a job that you truly enjoy. Work doesn’t have to be mindless drudgery. It can be a motivating force that helps you get through life in the most interesting way possible. Just plan your career around your own aspirations rather than someone else’s.

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Careers After 50: The Value of a Temp Job!

Careers after 50: developing appropriate experience to qualify for a planned career.

You’ve researched and studied a variety of proposed new careers. After speaking to others working in the field you’ve narrowed your list down to one or two possible new careers. However, you’ve found both require specific experience that you need to acquire.

Other qualifications for a new career after 50, for example, can be learned through self-study, distance learning, formal education and working with mentors. However, now you have the dilemma of getting the necessary experience to qualify for new career.

Let’s suggest a way to put you in a position to successfully compete for job in the new changed career. You might want to consider working for a temp agency, to get some desired experience or to discover if the suggested career is right for you.

Ask around for referrals to the right temp agency. Some temp agencies are specialists only working with specific careers and industries.

Re-draft your resume to put your best foot forward depending on the career and job. For each career you might want to restrict only signing up with two or three temp agencies. As you progress and learn more about specific temp agencies you can adjust your focus so you are only working with the best agency relative to the planned career.

Make it a point to see the temp agency recruiter, have a face-to-face interview and learn all you can about their services. Don’t forget this is a job interview and you want to show the recruiter how you would present yourself to a prospective employer.

Find out in advance if you are required to show specific technical skills at the temp interview and spend some time brushing up on the required skills prior to the interview.

Do some research regarding prospective wages you might expect. You’ll probably be asked what wage range you would accept. Also, you should learn what possible benefits might be available.

Many times temp assignments can last six months or longer. Be sure to tell the temp agency the length of assignment you would accept.

If the temp job is in a career you wish to qualify for, you may leverage yourself into being offered a full- time position. Or you gain enough relevant experience to qualify for a full-time career with another employer.

Don’t expect that you’ll be immediately moved into a desired temp position. Continue to contact the temp agency, at least once a week, to let them know you’re available for placement.

So the value to you using a temp agency in qualifying for a new career after 50 is: (1) Gaining required work experience, (2) Possibly being offered a job in the desired new career, (3) Bringing in some income while you prepare to change careers, or (4) Finding out the new career is not for you so you can research additional opportunities.